High Quality Contracting, Inc. Customer Reviews- page 5

Over the decades, we have gathered quite the collection of customer reviews. These reviews bring back memories of the people and places that High Quality Contracting, Inc. has made a difference. Here are just some of those wonderful memories told by our customers:

We have used them for 6 times now. We love them. They are great. They do excellent work.
They are clean and their prices are not the highest, not the lowest, they are in between. And they are all very nice especially the owner.


Nick and his crew did a very nice job on all the projects I had them do. They arrived on time for each appointment, ordered the new doors correctly, and installed them so that they work well. We’re very happy with the materials and the labor they provided.

Three things were particularly impressive:

1. Once the doors had arrived from the manufacturer, the weather wasn’t cooperating. Nick didn’t rush the job and try to install them when it was just too cold to do it properly. Instead, he held up until the weather was better, even though he was footing the bill for the doors (he never asked me for a deposit).

2. The new locks were re-keyed to match an existing key. Two of the locks worked, but not smoothly. Nick took them back to the store to get them fixed so that they now do work smoothly. It took some time to get it fixed right. And I wasn’t charged for that time.

3. I had a problem with chipmunks getting in the garage through a hole in the brick and drywall. Two previous attempts at plugging that hole failed. They plugged it with mortar so it can’t be opened up again. It was a tedious job – spooning mortar in, a little at a time, until the hole was filled. Most contractors wouldn’t want to bother with a job like that, but these guys did


Very professional. I liked that fact that the owner was a resident of the area. He returned at our request to check on some fascia that had apparently come loose during one of our worse wind storms. I would definitely recommend them anyone who asked and would definitely use their services again.”



They did nice work. Showed up on time, worked the day, and did what they said they were going to do.

Since that time I have had them back for additional work and would not hesitate to hire them in the future.

~ ROY O.

I was very pleased with the process and the end result.

Nick Wegner and his crew were prompt, polite, professional and efficient.

There were three of them working to start out, and two more men joined in when they finished up another job nearby. I could overhear training being given to someone less experienced, which I thought was great.

They cleaned up as they went along, and the entire project was done in about two hours.

The stairs are sturdy and a huge improvement over what was there before!

Before they left I showed Nick some missing fascia at the back of the house, and he came back the day after Thanksgiving, while I was out of town, and they took care of that for me and mailed me a bill.

I’d made the mistake of not getting a quote beforehand, but I was relieved after opening the bill to see that the price was well within what I considered reasonable for the job. I’m a completely satisfied customer and won’t hesitate to use High Quality Contracting again.


The contractor was very professional from our first contact to the end of the work over a couple of days.

He and the entire crew arrived 20 minutes early and set up ready to get started at the agreed time.

All of his workers were well trained, professional, friendly, careful to protect all the floors, doors, and furniture with covers and so on.

They were mindful of protecting any of our pets to be sure they were safe. They worked very fast, very hard, and listened to any questions or concerns we had. Even added other little things to the laundry list at our request but told us how to fix something ourselves if we wanted to do it that way – gave us the choice at times.

Would definitely, and probably will need to, hire them again in the future. We were so happy with the overall experience that we asked him if he would want to put a sign on our lawn for neighbors to see for work they may want to have done.

We highly recommend this contractor since he does even more than we listed above. And, in fact, I have given his name to at east 3 other people since then who heard me talk about how professional and great they were.

~ DAR W.

Nicholas was on time, kind and professtional man. He did a complete tune-up of our roof. He did a great job and inform us of the existing problems that needed to be addressed. He went over and above the service that was in the tune-up: we learned after the tune-up was completed we had a 8 pitch plus roof instead of 6/12 pitch but he did/would not charge for the difference.

On 10/29/13 we received the proposal to fix our roof and on 11/5/13 it was completed a great job. Also they gave us added services which was not included in the proposal; they cleaned our cutters on our home and the deattached garage.

A great group of guys. We are also going to have other work done by him in the future.


I purchased a Roof Weatherization Tune-up to tight some nails and deal with a few loose shingles, Nick inspected the roof and confirming that the roof still have some years before need to be change. 

I already contracted him for another job at my yard, he started it today with this rainy weather and his team already invested approximately 6 hours with the rough job and will finished in few days the details.

I will call him for further jobs.


I purchased an Angie’s List deal for a General Contractor for a day. Nick was continuously in touch with me after my purchase. He set up a review at the house to go over all the repairs to calculate the amount of work and crew required.

He was professional, forthright, friendly, and VERY knowledgeable. The day his crew came, he called to tell me they were on their way – with him to follow.

The crew lead took control of the situation right away, everyone was friendly and professional, got right to work and did an excellent job – all without the owner’s presence.

THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES about the team’s work ethic. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this team for any/all home repairs – from the smallest to the largest jobs.

In fact, I was so impressed with this team that requested a bid for a future room addition from Nick!!!!!

I would be HAPPY to have this team to my home again!!!



I am totally pleased with Nick and the job he and his crew performed.

This is a 2-story colonial with 4 different roof sections. They placed tarps around the entire house, being very respectful of our property.

Nick and his crew are obvious professionals and the work was done beyond my expectations. I was amazed at the end of just 8 hours when EVERYTHING was completed and the debris cleaned up. It was like they were never here!

I would not hesitate to hire Nick again and have been recommending him to friends and neighbors.


I was impressed with Nick, the owner, and his employees. All arrived in on time and were professional and congenial. Nick clearly is knowledgeable on a range of contracting areas. Also, the plaster repair subcontractors he sent were professional and knowledgeable. I’d recommend this business based on these couple of visits.


While I only needed some caulking of a few loose shingles, Nick gave me peace of mind by explaining what he did find and by giving me a projected life on my current roof.  He was very easy talk to, thorough and answered all my questions regarding a future new roof and gutter guards. I will call him when I need a new roof.


Ahh, the evil door.

Originally, I planned to have my old roommates step father install the door, big mistake. Not only did he have me get the wrong size door, he was to busy to get to the installation.

With summer quickly coming to a close, I ran to Angie’s List. Thankfully, there was an offer for general contractor for a day, which brought me to Nick.

He was very punctual and friendly when he stopped by for an explanation of the work that needed to be done.

Nick explained all the things that could have gone wrong if I had let the guy that blew me off install a door that was too large for the opening.

He told me what size door would fit and all the things I would need to purchase before the work began.

Nick and his crew showed up as scheduled, taped off the doorway and got to work removing the old door. About ten minutes later I heard someone say, you’ve got to be kidding me I peered through the plastic to see that someone in the 66 years my house has been in existence, had put concrete all around the door frame!!

I used to do contractor work back in the day and I myself have NEVER seen a door done that way, neither had Nick or any of the other guys.

Out came the concrete saws and the chisels. What should have been a quick install became more of a daunting job.

I cringed when I thought of how much more this was about to cost me, I was wrong. Nick understood all that I went through with this door and explained there was no way for anyone to know what was going on behind that door until they started. He only charged me $100 more and I was more than happy with that after the extra time involved.

I can’t wait to schedule more projects with these guys. They were wonderful.


From a contractor standpoint, this was the best contractor I’ve ever had in all 16 years I’ve owned my house. Nick agreed to do the small jobs that another contractor wouldn’t do. Fixed doors that wouldn’t close, re-caulked around patio door that was poorly done, installed installation around new attic door opening (warped door), put in a separator between carpet and tile and made sure that a vent in the basement no longer came loose. The best part was that I didn’t have to clean up after them once they left. That’s never happened in all of my years of hiring contractors. They were honest and asked me questions to be sure they were clear on what needed to be done. Very professional and I will not hesitate to use them again in the future or recommend to friends.


I was totally impressed with High Quality Contractors. They walked me through the process when I met with the owner and everything went just as promised. They arrived on time, did a great job and cleaned up so you’d never know they were here judging from the yard. The roof looks great and they even cleaned my gutters while they were up there!

They told me about an issue with my gutter on one side of the house, which I’ll have replaced later on.

I highly recommend them and look forward to doing business with them again.


Nick arrived at my house and gave an estimate when he said he was going to . That was a plus right there, because I had many companies that never showed up or even called to cancel. Some of the companies wouldn’t even give me an estimate when I told them I purchased the doors already. I needed someone to install them.

Nick Emailed the proposal so I could look it over in its entirety. The whole experience was extremely non-stressful with Nick and his crew. Nick and I played a little phone tag but that was my fault entirely.

He was persistent and didn’t give up trying to get in touch with me. We finally connected and the ball got rolling very quickly. Nick was available throughout the entire installation.

Nick looked over what was done step-by-step and instructed what he wanted done and his crew did it precisely as instructed. They were all very professional. The dirt and dust was vacuumed up as it accumulated.

I let Nick know that I wanted him to do some more projects for me in the future, as I need to update my bathroom and kitchen. I can’t say enough about the workmanship. The doors are awesome and look great from the outside.