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High Quality Contracting, Inc.
Building Your Dream Home with Superior Craftsmanship


  High Quality Contracting, Inc., is your trusted partner for exceptional new home construction in Southeastern Wisconsin. With our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to bringing your dream home to life. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design or a modern masterpiece, our team of experienced professionals are ready to turn your vision into a reality.

At High Quality Contracting, Inc., we understand that building a new home is an exciting journey, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. With our attention to detail and personalized approach, we ensure that your home is built to the highest standards, meeting your unique specifications and exceeding your expectations. From concept to completion, we are committed to delivering excellence.

Trending Options in New Home Construction


As the world of home construction evolves, new trends emerge to enhance the comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of residential properties. At High Quality Contracting, Inc., we stay at the forefront of these trends, offering you a range of exciting options to consider for your new home construction project:

1. Energy Efficiency:

Sustainable and energy-efficient homes are becoming increasingly popular. Incorporating features such as solar panels, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and insulation upgrades not only reduces your carbon footprint but also helps save on utility bills.

2. Smart Home Technology:

Make your home a hub of convenience with cutting-edge smart home technology: control lighting, heating, security systems, and even appliances from your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy features like voice-activated assistants, automated window treatments, and integrated entertainment systems.

3. Open Concept Layouts:

Open floor plans are in high demand, creating a seamless flow between living spaces. Eliminate walls and barriers to develop a sense of spaciousness, allowing for flexible design possibilities and fostering connectivity within your home.

4. Home Offices:

The rise of remote work has increased the need for dedicated home office spaces. Customizable workstations, built-in storage solutions, and optimized technology integration create a productive and inspiring work environment within the comfort of your own home.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces:

Create an oasis outside your door with stunning outdoor living spaces. Decks, patios, and screened-in porches equipped with features like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and comfortable seating areas provide the perfect setting for relaxation, entertaining, and enjoying nature.


New Home Construction Services Available in Southeastern Wisconsin


High Quality Contracting, Inc. is proud to offer a comprehensive range of new home construction services tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Our services include:

1. Custom Home Design:

Collaborate with our talented architects and designers to create a unique home design that reflects your lifestyle and preferences.

2. Site Preparation and Excavation:

Our experienced team prepares your lot for construction, ensuring a solid foundation for your new home.

3. Foundation Construction:

We specialize in constructing sturdy foundations using high-quality materials and precise techniques.

4. Framing and Structural Work:

Our skilled carpenters meticulously frame your home, ensuring strength, durability, and adherence to building codes.

5. Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC:

We handle all aspects of installing plumbing systems, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.

6. Interior and Exterior Finishes:

From flooring and cabinetry to paint and siding, we pay attention to every detail, providing exceptional craftsmanship and finishes that reflect your style.

7. Landscaping and Outdoor Features:

Enhance your new home’s curb appeal with professional landscaping services, including lawns, gardens, and hardscaping elements.


At High Quality Contracting, Inc., we take pride in delivering outstanding results that stand the test of time. With our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to making your new home construction journey a seamless and rewarding experience.

Contact us today to discuss your vision and let High Quality Contracting, Inc. build the home of your dreams.


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