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Covid-19 took the business world by surprise in 2020, and many companies now allow their staff to work from home. As the world continues to adjust to the pandemic, homeowners are flocking to build home offices. Here are High Quality Contracting, Inc.’s 2021 home office design tips:

1) Lighting Matters-

We spoke to a local author Jillian Ochoa, who said, ” I need an office with a lot of light. It is challenging to write in a dark or depressing office space.” Inputting high-efficiency LED lighting in the ceiling and walls can improve the space taking it from drab to fab. Our design experts also suggest that homeowners install plenty of natural light when building a new home office. Installing beautiful paned windows and skylights increases the natural light in the room. Natural light is not only better for our eyes, but, increases the serotonin in our bodies improving our mood.

2) Storage Wars-

Don’t go to war with storage issues when building your office. Built-in cabinets, custom closets, and hidden storage create ample room to store files, supplies and other essentials for the job. When coupling the storage with counter space, a home office encourages a higher level of productivity, allowing you to work freely. Our expert design staff utilizes all of the free space in creative ways that help you get the most use of the space. New cabinet systems with unique hardware and pull-out drawers effectively bring the best technology into the room.

3) Color Psychology –

That dark purple color in your daughter’s old bedroom worked for her, but it probably will not work for you in your home office. When building a home office, consideration for the mood and the psychology that color plays in that mood is essential. According to (, research shows that colors affect our mood, heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. Home office spaces that choose colors like blues and greens will have a calming feel to them. A home office with yellows, reds, and oranges will probably have a more lively sense. These colors tend to increase productivity and action. Darker colors like black and deep purple should be saved for when you get the 1970’s black light out of the garage.

4) Room Location-homeoffice-2

Where you put your home office is extremely important. We have seen homeowners who have attempted to put their office in the corner of a kitchen or another busy area. We suggest finding a room that is as far away from distractions as possible. Homeowners who choose to build an addition to their home or convert an attached garage into a home office have the most privacy for their business.

5) Furniture-

Prudent homeowners reflect on the furniture and equipment they will need to do their jobs. Will you need a desk? What kind of desk? A large one? A standing Desk? Would a long counter work better? DO you want lamps, or would you rather have receding lights? Do you need file cabinets, and would it benefit you to build them into a cabinet system? All of these things and more need consideration before making your home office.

When building your office, there are a lot of considerations. We hope these home office design tips help you create the space you need to be successful and productive in your business. If you would like one of our master designers to walk you through the design process for your home office, contact High Quality Contracting, Inc., today to schedule your appointment.