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Home renovation is one of the exorbitant investments you will make as a homeowner. Getting it right is vital to saving yourself and your family time, money, and stress. Thousands of reports are made to the Better Business Bureau annually for unfinished work, poor craftsmanship, and scams. Homeowners often pay more for less because they have to correct the substandard work an unskilled company performs. Ward off these five costly mistakes to reduce your chances of falling victim to a shady remodeling company. 

1) Create a Clear Plan – 

  Jumping into a home remodeling project without a clear vision of what you want and how you want it is simply not a good idea. Your plan should include space, function, style, and cost decisions before you sign with any home remodeling contractor. It is always a good idea to start a vital project by planning for the final result. Research the designs and materials that appeal to you to show your remodeler. It will save money and time in the long run. 

2) Create a Budget- 

Renovations can be expensive if you do not plan. You should know your budget going into the project. While creating your budget, make sure that you consider things like flooring, cabinets, and hardware. The industry standard recommendation is to add a 20% cushion into the budget for “surprises.” You do not know what may be hidden under the floorboards, or behind the walls, especially in older homes. It is always a good idea to have a cushion on your project. 

3) Choose a Professional-5 Costly Renovation Mistakes To Avoid in Your Wisconsin Home

You may be thinking, “Sure, you are a contractor. Of course, you would say hire a professional.” But the fact remains that a well-established remodeling professional will most likely do it right the first time. Hiring your neighbor or a friend to come in and do the work is a gamble with your home. Frequently, these remodelers start a project and are overwhelmed for one reason or another leaving you with a half-finished or poorly constructed remodel.  

Instead, choose your remodeler carefully by doing the following:

  • Know What You Want.
  • Ask Your Friends and Family.
  • Look for Online Reviews.
  • Speak With Multiple Contractors.
  • Check References and BBB Ratings.
  • Remember, the cheapest bid is not always the best bid. You get what you pay for, and quality craftsmanship takes years to achieve. 
  • Review examples of their work. 
  • Are they properly licensed and insured? 
  • Meet with them and get a feel for their communication style. 

4) Choose Your Materials- 

 Choosing materials is just as important as choosing your contractor. You want to make decisions based on the following criteria: 

  • The durability of the materials. 
  • The style of the material.
  • Do you want to incorporate smart home technology?
  •  Do you need to consider any specific physical needs?
  • Is the material suitable for your climate or region of the country?
  • Your budget.
  • What is the availability of the material? Rarer materials take time to deliver if delivery is even available.

5) Working Without A Permit- 

The requirements for obtaining a remodeling permit on most home projects vary by city; however, rest assured, most likely, you will need at least one. Not getting the licenses can lead to expensive and possibly legal problems. All quality remodelers will obtain permits to avoid any possible issues in the future, such as preventing title transfer, stopping the sale of a home, fines, penalties, or citations demanding walls and floors be removed. The list goes on. 

 Linda Swan of Remax,( wrote an excellent article detailing how this can affect your home purchase or sale. So always obtain the proper permits and licenses.