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Spending the day washing and ironing laundry is a never ending home choir. Socks, t-shirts, and sweatpants lie on floors across Wisconsin in unorganized piles. So why not take the struggle out of laundry day?

High Quality Contracting, Inc. has remodeled hundreds of laundry rooms. Our design experts have ideas to eliminate clutter bringing structure to an otherwise chaotic task. Below are five laundry room design ideas to help improve your space and make your life easier. 

Install New Cabinetry and Storage 

Symmetry is critical when designing cabinetry and storage for a laundry room. Start by identifying where items should be placed and create a balanced plan that feels orderly and comfortable. First, create a plan that includes utilizing all available space. Consider installing tall cabinets that can hold cleaning supplies and pull-out cabinet shelving. 

Install a Pull-Out Ironing Board

Make life easier with a newly installed pull-out ironing board that can tuck away into the wall. Add spacing for the iron as well. Today, built-ins can save you a lot of time and prevent clutter with their pinpoint focus on details. 

Raise the Machines

Raising the height of your washer and dryer with 10 to 16-inch high pedestals can decrease strain on your back. The pedestals allow for less bending and stretching to reach inside the machines. Add a built-in drawer in the space to create a place for dryer sheets or other objects. 

Add a Folding Station 

A folding station is a must-have for any laundry room. Adding counters up against the walls and under cabinets provides lots of space. We also suggest adding an island to the room. The island will provide an excellent area for folding and sorting laundry, but the island can have cabinets underneath for more storage or basket rails to slide laundry baskets. 

AttacPet washing station h Some Wall-Mounted Drying Racks

There are five key reasons why every laundry room should have wall-mounted drying racks: ease of use, space-saving, environmentally friendly, proper care for delicates, and energy savings. The cost of this upgrade is well worth the benefits.  

Bonus Idea: Add in a Pet-Washing Tub

If you are a pet-friendly home, you can benefit by having a pet-washing station built right into the laundry room. Built-in cabinets that store linens, shampoos, and pet supplies are a bonus. This upgrade may also increase your home’s marketability. In a recent study by Zillow, homes with a pet-washing station valued up to 19% more.