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You have chosen to build your own home. Congratulations! This may be your first time building, or you are a veteran; either way, you will want to make the most of your new home. Beyond the basics, high-end options can make your home a place you never want to leave. We have put together a list of a few building extras worth considering.

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is the perfect prep center for coffee and snacks for entertaining. The room is usually built between the kitchen and the dining area; this space is convenient, especially for those who like to entertain.

Hidden Room

Who doesn’t want a hidden room? Increasingly popular, hidden rooms can be a safe room, a small kitchen, a library, an office, or even an adventurous playroom for the kids. The entry to the room is hidden, frequently behind a bookcase or staircase.

Built-in shelving and storage

Built-in shelving and storage can be of great use in your new home.
Turn a set of stairs into a dual storage space with slide-out drawers on each step. Or consider a long hallway that has built-in shelving with lights to show off trophies, fish tanks, or family treasures.

Wine Cellar

Often considered a sign of prestige, a wine cellar is a wise investment when building your home. Wine enthusiasts rarely find a home with a wine cellar on the market, so when they do, it quite often raises the home’s resale value. Besides the excellent investment, a wine cellar provides the wine connoisseur with preservation, organization, and convenience for their collection.

Creative Ceilings and Moldings

When building your new home, remember to look up at your ceiling. That will be your image for years to come. Why not take that space to help create effects that showcase the style and the feel you want to radiate throughout the room? Moldings and trim come in various styles and patterns to highlight and show off your space.

Indoor Atrium

A hot trend in 2023 in new home construction is installing an indoor atrium. These courtyards are often the center of the home. Natural light flows into the area through large skylights or a glass ceiling as part of the roof. The site is a space to bring the outdoors in and serves as a peaceful space for the homeowner.

Heated Driveway

Hot again this year in new home construction is the heated driveway. Wisconsin snow and weather can take a toll on your back. Installing a heated driveway prevents back and muscles aches. Heated driveways generally have a long life span of about 15-20 years. They require no chemicals to remove ice and snow and are safer to walk on. They, too, are a good investment and increase the home’s resale value depending on the age of the system when you list and the area you live.