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sunroom ideas

A sunroom provides homeowners with an open, light-filled space to entertain year-round. With the onset of another Wisconsin winter just around the bend, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered trees without the chill in your face?

High Quality Contracting, Inc. has built sunroom additions for decades. With each build comes new ideas and challenges. There are so many essential and exciting concepts to consider:

1) Size –

There is no one size fits all option for the size of your new sunroom. It can range from a cozy nook to ample living space for entertaining. Homeowners should consider several key factors when determining the size of their new sunroom: What purpose will the room serve? Where should the new sunroom be located on the house? What is the budget? What architectural design fits the style of the home?

2) Colors –

There is a rainbow of color choices to choose from when it comes to your new sunroom’s interior and exterior. You can select neutral shades or create a bold look. When selecting exteriors colors, remember to complement the existing exterior on the rest of the house. When choosing interior colors, please focus on the purpose of the room and the furniture you plan to put in it. Cooler colors like light blue, light green, lilac, or lavender offer a relaxing feel. Colors like creamy white, mustard yellow, greys, reds, and darker blues provide a feeling of warmth.

3) Flooring Options-

When it comes to flooring for your sunroom, the sky is the limit. Many homeowners choose wood flooring or tile options. These are great choices if there is direct access to the backyard from the sunroom. Homeowners can choose from tile, concrete, linoleum, wood, laminate, or carpeting.

5) Built-in Storage-

Consider customized storage areas within the sunroom. This can be an excellent time to consider adding storage to your home. A customized sunroom can have bench seating under the windows that contain extra storage, a closet added, or even built-in bookshelves for the reader of the family. Think of storing games, extra blankets, or providing a built-in bar area in your sunroom.

6) Lighting Options-

The natural light that your sunroom will provide will be fantastic during the day. However, in the evenings or on not-so-sunny days, you will want a lighting system that is aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Consider recessed lighting, a chandelier or lighted ceiling fan, wall sconce lighting, pendant lighting, or even string lighting to brighten your space. The lighting style depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Manufacturers create lighting fixtures to satisfy every taste.

7) Window & Door Options-

The primary function of any sunroom is to provide the homeowner with a space full of natural light and give the feel of being outdoors while remaining inside away from the elements. The windows and doors you choose are vital to the comfort level you will achieve.

Pella wrote a great article on window and door designs for sunrooms. You can read it here. The article talks about the benefits of casement (or crank-out) windows, picture windows, sliding windows, and the benefits of good quality Sliding or glass doors. These are all attractive options to consider. High Quality Contracting can also build a sunroom with custom wood doors or custom window designs. The choices are endless. Whatever you choose, be sure that you get the highest energy efficiency rating possible as that a large portion of the room will be natural lighting. This will keep the room at a comfortable temperature at all times.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider before you begin building your new sunroom or all seasons room. The experts at High Quality Contracting, Inc. can assist you in making some of these decisions during your consultation.

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