Moving? How to Stay Organized While Packing.

Wisconsin home moving tips

How to stay organized while packing is one of the hardest jobs ever.  Moving is daunting and exhausting. Although you are excited to get into your new home, the task of boxing and packing all of your belongings is stressful. By streamlining a system for moving, you can reduce this stress. You can get much more accomplished. To help you, we have compiled a list of ways to make the move easier for you.


Stay organized while packing through minimization. Minimization is key to any good move. Go through your belongings and get rid of items you don’t need. Get rid of items you won’t use as well.  Old clothing, glassware, decoration, even furniture that is not used can easily be donated. Consider selling items that are in good shape. By doing this you are now reducing, often by a lot, the number of items you not only have to pack and carry but that you have to unpack and put away. This also means fewer items to transport requiring less physical exertion and potentially even less cost and time. 

Packing Supplies

Often times we start packing with just what we have around the house. Soon we find ourselves out of supplies and running to the store and spending more than we should have for tape, packing materials and boxes. Instead, make a list of items you will need such as tape, boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, labels, markers, padding, rope, bins, and possibly a dolly to help easy the lifting and carrying. Next, go online and search for any sales or deals on the supplies you need. Spending 30 minutes to search for sales can end up saving you a hefty chunk of change.  Finally, go out and load up on all the supplies you need from the sales you found. Here is a thrifty tip: Many stores break down their boxes and must pay to have them hauled away. If you go to local stores in the morning before they toss the boxes, you may be able to get some really good boxes for no cost and save yourself some money. 

Categorize & label

This can not be stressed enough LABEL YOUR BOXES. Mark boxes that go into the kitchen, bath, bedroom, living room, etc as you pack them. Categorize items also such as a box with all the cups in it or a box with the silverware in it so putting items away is much easier and it is simple to find items while you are in the process of finding it all a place to go. Decide how you’ll want things to be grouped when unpacking and categorize and label them accordingly. This will save you a lot of time when unpacking. 

The Essentials box

This is a box that is often missed when packing. The essentials box is basically a box that contains things like toilet paper, napkins, a change of clothes, toothpaste and toothbrush and a towel. It is the most important box in your move.  It holds the items that you need right away when you get to your home . The items you can not live without such as medications. Be sure to include things for every member of the family.  Give each person their own essentials box for the move. If you have movers doing the moving for you, we would suggest that this box stays with you if possible so that you know where it is at all times and it is not located somewhere in the back of a moving van along route 94 heading to the storage unit. 


Stay organized while packing, it will make life easier. We hope these packing tips help to make your move a great one. For more great remodeling and home trends, continue to come back to the High Quality Contracting Inc website or contact us.

Building a New Home Makes Sense.

Wisconsin new home construction contractor High Quality Contracting Inc

Building a new home makes sense. The housing market is booming with available housing readily available. Why would you want to build your own house?  Today’s new homes offer more benefits than ever before. Some of the reasons you might choose to build rather than buy, may surprise you. 

Your Dream Home Your Way

We all have that perfect image in our head of what our dream home is. Perhaps it has wide open cathedral ceilings, unique built-in cabinetry systems, custom crown molding, and staircases, or that fantastic fireplace you have always wanted? Why can’t you have it all? You get more bang for your buck when you are building from the ground up to suit your desires rather than to purchase an existing home and then need to deal with the remodeling of the house. Put the money into your dream to start with and get the home you always wanted, including that She-Shed or Man-Cave. 

The Layout that Meets Your Needs

Finding the house with the existing house perfect layout to meet your families needs can be daunting. Consider designing your home from the start with a plan that makes sense for your family. Do you need bedrooms on the bottom floor? Maybe you would like a resort-style master bath or a balcony off of one of the bedrooms? You can have it all when you build your layout to your specifications. High Quality Contracting, Inc. has an established history of creating great floor layouts and designs which are functional and beautiful. Instead of spending your time searching for the layout you need, spend that time sitting down and talking with an expert from High Quality Contracting to design it for you. 

The Lastest in Technology

Existing homes on the market can be remodeled to have some of the latest technology features that you want such as a voice-activated kitchen or all new energy efficient windows. However, it is more cost efficient to have those things put into your home from the very start. When you are building and designing a new construction property, you can choose from the start what features you want. Want USB ports in every outlet of the home? Okay, it’s done. Want the entire house wired to voice-activated lighting and sound systems? You got it.  You choose how much technology you do, or do not want to be put into a custom home.

Low Maintenance

Homes today are designed and equipped to reflect the way we live today rather than what was built 20-30 years ago. Open concepts, energy efficiency, and cutting-edge building products lead to less maintenance and lower upkeep in your future. Spend your time enjoying living in your home and not fixing broken pipes and heating systems. Less time on maintenance means more time to do the things you enjoy with the people you love. 

Energy Savings

Homes are far more energy efficient today than homes built even just five years ago, and immensely better than homes built 20-30 years ago. Building product manufacturers have developed better products with energy efficiency in mind. Technologies have improved greatly, and the science behind the new products is mind-blowing. Tripple pained windows, better insulation products, and energy efficient heating, cooling, and air control systems are just a few of the ways that new homes are saving homeowners money. 

No Creepy Feelings 

As silly as this title sounds, the “feel” of a home can be a real problem and a turn off for many homeowners. Have you ever walked into a house that makes your skin crawl for no apparent reason? That is what we are talking about. That laying in your bed, wondering what they unsettling sound is ( ghosts? ) and having a fear that the previous owner left something inside the house that you do not want. This situation is completely avoided when you have a new home built. 


Building a new home makes sense. Whatever your reason for wanting a new home built, High Quality Contracting Inc is the choice for many of Southeastern Wisconsin’s homeowners. We make the home building experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Our team of highly skilled designers, builders, and craftsmen are available at your disposal day or night. Why not give High Quality Contracting Inc a call today and get your dream home built the way you want it.