Product Review CertainTeed Restoration Millwork PVC Exterior Trim

Product Review CertainTeed Restoration Millwork PVC Exterior Trim

Restoration Millwork Trimboards with J-Pockets

           Restoration Millwork Trimboards with J-Pockets photo courtesy of CertainTeed


Usually, High Quality Contracting, Inc. does not write product reviews. However, we decided that doing so would help educate our customer base on why we work with some products and not others. Today we are going to review CertainTeed Restoration Millwork PVC Exterior Trim. A product we are very comfortable installing. We find it to be an excellent alternative to wood trim.

PVC Vinyl Trim

Made of PVC (vinyl), CertainTeed Restoration Millwork PVC Exterior Trim can be cut, routed, shaped, and milled with ordinary wood-working tools. The product forms beautiful designs. Restoration Millwork is also relatively simple to maintain. 

Wood trim tends to rot over time. Even treated, the elements will eventually take root, and the trim will need upkeep and possible replacement. While working with the CertainTeed Restoration Millwork PVC Exterior Trim, we have found that the product does not rot, mold, absorb moisture, warp, or bow. It is practically maintenance-free. This is excellent news for homeowners who would rather not replace and repaint their trim every couple of years. 

Restoration Millwork is available in several varieties of wood grain looks, including smooth and TrueTexture™ woodgrain finishes. The array makes matching the right trim style to your home a breeze. 

Restoration Millwork Trimboard With Cut-Out photo courtesy of CertainTeed

Restoration Millwork Trimboard With Cut-Out: photo courtesy of CertainTeed

Benefits Of Use

There are other benefits we have found are: 

  • “PVC exterior trim is self-extinguishing, which earns it a Class A (Class 1) Flame Spread Classification. ” as stated the CertainTeed Company. 
  • Restoration Millwork is wood-boring insect resistant. The trim might look and feel like wood, but bugs such as termites and carpenter ants are not interested in it. 
  • Restoration Millwork is code compliant (ICC Evaluation Services, Inc. (ICC-ES) ESR-2922). It meets the criteria for exterior trim used in residential construction. 
  • The product resists freezing during the winter months. The cold will not normally crack the trim. 
  • Restoration Millwork comes ready to install in a natural white color. It also can be painted following the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Bendable with heat forming for geometric window surrounds and architectural shapes. 
  • It comes in a range of thicknesses and lengths. 
  • UV ray resistant.
  • Salt spray resistant ( Hello Wisconsin Winters).

The CertainTeed Restoration Millwork PVC Exterior Trim is durable and flexible. This modern siding product is one that we recommend. When deciding to use this product for your home’s new siding, ask your High Quality Contracting, Inc. design representative for the current warranty information. Because warranty information varies by product we did not include it in our review CertainTeed Restoration Millwork Trim.

If you are interested in learning more about how High Quality Contracting, Inc., uses this product or if you are interested in scheduling your home for a siding consultation, please contact us today.  

The attached link is to the CertainTeed Restoration Millwork PVC Trim Brochure.

Lighting Ideas for the living room

Lighting Ideas for the living room

skylights natural light big windows

photo credit: bmak


Let’s talk about lighting ideas for the living room. First, imagine walking into a friend’s house, and the living room is dark with small windows, dark curtains, and a table lamp glowing next to the sofa. Does it make you feel sleepy? Do you wonder what may be lurking in the corners? 

Now imagine walking into that same living room, but it is full of light instead of dark. The ceiling shines down natural lighting from several spaces. The curtains are light, and the windows are vast. Feel the difference? Now you can breathe and relax. 

We are not meant to hide away in the dark of corners, and in today’s rushed world of computer screens and working indoors, it is all the more important to light up your living room area. As the hub of the home, the living room space needs to be an area of relaxation, enjoyment, and comfort. It needs to be welcoming. Lighting can create this welcoming environment, and here are seven great lighting ideas for your living room space. 

Light up the mantel or bookshelves:

 The fireplace in your living room is the room’s focal point, so why waste it? That space can be just as attractive without an open fire crackling when you install beautiful mantel lighting. Such lighting comes with the capability to change the colors of the light to create different effects. Install vibrant lighting in large built-in bookshelves to highlight classic books or family heirlooms. Your home remodeling contractor can easily install these lighting ideas for the living room. 

Add a centerpiece to the room:

Use the center of the room to hang a masterpiece creating the feeling you are hoping for in the room. Consider a fancy chandelier if you are looking for a traditional look or a modern lighting piece to change the look. Large dramatic amounts look fabulous in the center, and when installed by a professional, you can have dimming options and Smart lighting installed. 

Recessed lighting:

 Recessed lighting is when a renovation contractor cuts holes in the ceiling and installs the lighting to flush the ceiling. Usually, contractors install more than one recessed light into a space to create a full-coverage effect. Ceiling beams look classic when you add recessed lighting to them. It is a perfect way to light up a room and still have the ability to tone the lights down if needed. 

Add character to your ceiling: 

Custom ceiling designs are all the rage in home remodeling design. Why settle for a flat ceiling when you can have beams, plaster, or a variety of trim added to create a work of art above you? Couple that with all of the lighting options now on the market, and designers can create some unique custom designs that will have you sitting back and enjoying your living room. 

Install large open windows: 

Living room spaces with small windows are just plain dreary. If you are going to invest in one thing for your home, it should be to open that space up with some big bright windows. Let in the sunshine. Don’t worry about the elements making it cold because now, instead of a wall, you have a window. Window manufacturers have great energy-saving options available. Consider Bay and Bow Windows for a great seating or display area. They also add depth to the living room and the outside look of the home. For a more classic look, try Casement Windows or a modern look; consider one of the more trendy Double-Hung designs.

Illuminate the corners:

Don’t forget to light up corners in your living room space. Often overlooked, lighting a corner can help a room look larger and add dimension to the area. Consider large standing lamps or even built-in sconces in the corners. Other lighting ideas for the living room corners are pendant lights, wall-mounted corner lights, and backlit panels on corner shelves.

Install skylights: 

Finally on our list is the skylight. Skylights bring large amounts of light to a room and add depth to the ceiling. Skylights open, bringing natural light and air into your home. Modern skylights often have rain sensors on the solar and electric models, which automatically close the skylight at the first sign of rain. It is a great way to bring that natural light into a room without adding to the electric bill constantly. This option is also excellent for people who suffer from depression as the natural light helps to raise serotonin levels. 

Before investing in fancy new furniture for your living room, why not invest in something that will give you comfort and a positive ROI over time? Invest in betting lighting for your living room with some of these options. If you have a dark living room space that you want to light up, give our High Quality Contracting team a call and see how to illuminate your world with new lighting. 


Kitchen or Bath Renovation? Know Your Grout Color!

Kitchen or Bath Renovation? Know Your Grout Color!


hexigon tiles and dark grout

A feature that many homeowners do not consider when redesigning a space is the grout color. In the home renovation world, grout color alters the finished look of the tiles by contrasting tile and grout to create interesting patterns and color palettes. It can be the difference between a tile standing out or blending into the background.  Do-It-Yourself homeowners often overlook the grout color whereas professional designers utilize color to their benefit. 

You can avoid mistakes and help your project stand out from others by learning a few things about grout. Let’s start by examining the three types of grout. 

Three Types of Grout

Epoxy Grout

The most durable and stain-resistant type of grout is epoxy grout. It consists of a combination of epoxy resin and hardener. Great for countertops with kitchen tiles where stains are more frequent. 

Sanded Grout 

Sanded grout combines finely graded silica sand and cement for an incredible range of colors and reduced shrinkage. This type of grout is the best product for flooring as it can fill larger joints and form a sturdy joint that can withstand most home use. 

Unsanded Grout

Excellent product for use in any joints less than ⅛”-wide, unsanded grout is made with a mixture of cement, powdered pigments, and water. This grout is exceptionally sticky and perfect for working on vertical surfaces. Surfaces that scratch easily such as glass are ideal projects for unsanded grout as it will not scratch. 

Grout Color Options-

Now that you know a little about the different types of grout let’s discuss color options. Grout comes in an array of colors, everything from ice white to black onyx. Depending on what you are doing, the color will help the tiles blend in or stand out. Home designers often use coloring in the grout to make a statement.  

Contractors create interesting, fun effects by using smaller tiles like hexagons subway tiles paired with a fun grout color. Notice in the pictures below. One style has tiles where the grout is colored dark, making the tiles stand out into a statement piece, whereas the other photo shows the tiles blending in with white tiles and white grout. 


light tile with dark colored grout

             light tile with dark-colored grout


white tiles with white grout

                white tiles with white grout


There are many options to choose from when choosing the grout you want for your project. Here are a few final tips to remember when meeting with your designer: 

  1.  White grout with white tile results in a uniform aesthetic that is thoroughly blended. The lines will virtually disappear when you look at them. This option appears very modern; however, it will take some upkeep and care due to staining issues. 
  2.  Light tiles and dark grout are perfect if you want the tile to stand out. This contrast allows for the shape and design of the tile to pop. 
  3.  Dark tile and light grout, this combination focuses on the tile making it stand out. 
  4.  Dark tile and dark grout will give you a softer effect. The harshness of the tile, when blended with the darker grout, pulls away from the shapes of the tile.  

Grout Size

Finally, we arrive at grout sizing. When designing your renovation, you want to determine whether you want thin grout lines, thicker grout lines, or something in the middle. Factors that help determine the size of the grout lines are function, type of tile, and the final aesthetic goal. Your High Quality Contracting, Inc. design specialist can help you determine the width that will work best for your space. 

If you are interested in looking at some excellent tile products, we welcome you to contact us today for a free home estimate. Products and styles often change. Meeting with one of our professionals will assure you get the newest options. 


Home Office Design Tips 2021

Home Office Design Tips 2021


Covid-19 took the business world by surprise in 2020, and many companies now allow their staff to work from home. As the world continues to adjust to the pandemic, homeowners are flocking to build home offices. Here are High Quality Contracting, Inc.’s 2021 home office design tips:

1) Lighting Matters-

We spoke to a local author Jillian Ochoa, who said, ” I need an office with a lot of light. It is challenging to write in a dark or depressing office space.” Inputting high-efficiency LED lighting in the ceiling and walls can improve the space taking it from drab to fab. Our design experts also suggest that homeowners install plenty of natural light when building a new home office. Installing beautiful paned windows and skylights increases the natural light in the room. Natural light is not only better for our eyes, but, increases the serotonin in our bodies improving our mood. 

2) Storage Wars-

Don’t go to war with storage issues when building your office. Built-in cabinets, custom closets, and hidden storage create ample room to store files, supplies and other essentials for the job. When coupling the storage with counter space, a home office encourages a higher level of productivity, allowing you to work freely. Our expert design staff utilizes all of the free space in creative ways that help you get the most use of the space. New cabinet systems with unique hardware and pull-out drawers effectively bring the best technology into the room. 

3) Color Psychology –

That dark purple color in your daughter’s old bedroom worked for her, but it probably will not work for you in your home office. When building a home office, consideration for the mood and the psychology that color plays in that mood is essential. According to (, research shows that colors affect our mood, heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. Home office spaces that choose colors like blues and greens will have a calming feel to them. A home office with yellows, reds, and oranges will probably have a more lively sense. These colors tend to increase productivity and action. Darker colors like black and deep purple should be saved for when you get the 1970’s black light out of the garage.

4) Room Location-homeoffice-2

Where you put your home office is extremely important. We have seen homeowners who have attempted to put their office in the corner of a kitchen or another busy area. We suggest finding a room that is as far away from distractions as possible. Homeowners who choose to build an addition to their home or convert an attached garage into a home office have the most privacy for their business.

5) Furniture-

Prudent homeowners reflect on the furniture and equipment they will need to do their jobs. Will you need a desk? What kind of desk? A large one? A standing Desk? Would a long counter work better? DO you want lamps, or would you rather have receding lights? Do you need file cabinets, and would it benefit you to build them into a cabinet system? All of these things and more need consideration before making your home office.

When building your office, there are a lot of considerations. We hope these home office design tips help you create the space you need to be successful and productive in your business. If you would like one of our master designers to walk you through the design process for your home office, contact High Quality Contracting, Inc., today to schedule your appointment.



Warm & Welcoming Colors: How to choose the right paint for your project.

Warm & Welcoming Colors: How to choose the right paint for your project.

paint colors Whether you are accenting it, covering an entire wall, or just adding that splash of color, choosing the right paint for your room is paramount in achieving the overall results you want. So when it comes to advising High Quality Contracting, Inc. remodeling clients on which paint to choose, we always follow these guidelines.

1) Be mindful of the purpose of the room.

Each room has a different meaning for its existence. For example, a bedroom is for resting, a kitchen for eating, a home office is for working. You want the colors and products you choose to reflect that room’s purpose. In rooms such as a bath or an addition that is a greenhouse, those rooms may retain more moisture than others, so a homeowner will want to choose a paint that is mold resistant. Whereas in a bedroom, this is not necessary but perhaps easily washable wall paint is. When looking at colors, a calming color for a bedroom is logical, but in a home office, getting too comfortable may lead to some pretty unproductive days.

2) Consider the furniture when choosing your color pallets.

Designers often recommend focusing your color scheme on a piece of furniture or a painting that you like. They further suggest taking photos or, even better, part of the object with you to the paint store. You can’t take a whole sofa, but you can take a pillow! When at the paint store, choose three colors that go well with your object. You will now have a wide range of hues from those three colors to choose your wall color. For example, you decide that blue, green, and off-white go with your sofa pillow, so now you get to choose between all of the different shades of those colors to find what fits your needs best.

3) Create visual effects with the paint finish.

Professional painters and home designers will confirm that the finish of paint plays a vital role in the outcome of the room. There are several types of finishes, including flat, semi-gloss, high-gloss, and satin. Each creates a different feel and has another purpose. The rule of thumb used to be to use a flat or satin on the walls and semi-gloss and gloss paints for the accents. However, today’s designers are using finishes to create visual effects using lighting in a room. For instance, if you paint the walls with flat paint and use semi-gloss on the ceiling, it creates a contrast in the light, making the ceilings appear higher.

4) The psychology of color is a fantastic thing.

Web developers, artists, and designers use it to create the feelings generated by the colors. For instance, focus on the color blue. There are so many different hues of blue and varients that have varying effects on people. Sky blue and pale blue colors welcome a calming feeling, while a bright blue stimulates the mind. According to  colors can ignite a range of emotions and feelings such as Red, Orange, and Yellow are attention-grabbing and suitable for use in a homework room or study area. In contrast, pale blues, greens, and neutrals work well for calming the mind in a bedroom.

When choosing your color pallets for your home remodeling project, always seek the help of experts and take your time to select the color that fits your needs.




5 Deck Ideas that are Game Changers.

5 Deck Ideas that are Game Changers.

 A deck can change the entire look and feel as well as the function of the space in your yard. Modern decking materials allow for creative design option as well as durability. Here are six innovative deck ideas that are game changers: 

Deck Shapes- 

When most people think of decks, they think of a square wooden platform attached to your backyard. However, decks have come a long way in the past several years. They are now being designed in fun ways with great new shapes and designs.  Round decks are a hit for a fun look around a pond or a pool. A rectangular deck can pop by adding zing with angles, and alternating patterns. Go for a larger deck that offers several connected shapes, starting with a rectangular space then adding a circled pergola with bench seating. The shapes are limitless. 


Built-ins are the little extra fun spaces that are now being built into modern decks. Sick of hauling out a cooler every time you want to have refreshments on the deck? Have one built-in. Are you an avid reader and enjoy sitting on your deck reading? Consider a small built-in library space with a door that closes to keep the elements off of your books.  Nowadays you can build in just about anything into your deck, including fireplaces, firepits, outdoor kitchens, seating, storage and more. 


Railings that Roar- 

Don’t think that a deck railing has to be boring to work. Today’s decks have some pretty impressive railing ideas such as wrought iron, wood, composite, steel, and carved wood posts. Depending on your budget you can go as simple or as elaborate as you would like with the deck railings. Stairs also can have a great flare with products out by companies like SalterSpiralStair.  We can install some very creative ideas- galvanized steel, sunburst style, cable, and even wrought iron designs. 

Upstairs Deck Dependable Easy Care Materials-

Materials have changed in the last several years to become stronger, more dependable and easier to maintain. These scientific changes can make owning a deck a lot easier to keep up. No constant staining and repairs. Stylish composite decking products resist fading, staining, scratching and mold, and won’t rot, crack or warp. Wood decks are now pressure treated with special chemicals to help prevent decay and termite damage. Stains last longer and clean up easier than ever before. 

Overheads and Planters- 

Don’t forget to look up when you are building a new deck for your home. Overheads and custom planters are a great way to add texture and style to any yard experience. Retractable roofing, awnings, overhead lighting systems and more can be added to your deck to create a multifunctional space for both rain or shine. 

Decks do not need to be boring and are limited only by the creativity of the designers creating them. High Quality Contracting Inc has been building decks for decades and can help make your backyard oasis.