Decorate Your Entry For The Holidays

Decorate Your Entry For The Holidays

On Tuesday, October the 29th, Wisconsinites received a taste of what is inevitably around the corner- Winter and the Holidays.

As you are starting to unpack that winter gear consisting of boots, hats, and coats, take a step back to look at the entry space around your front door.

Does it still scream summer with wilted flowers, cracked flower pots, and old forgotten newspapers? Or are you ready for the holidays with a welcoming that makes even the Grinch smile?

We put together some fun and inviting entry plans for the holidays to help spark your ideas for the season.

Freshly Painted Entrance

Freshly Painted Entrance

Freshen Up- 

Brighten up your entry with a fresh coat of paint before the weather gets too cold, and the snow is a permanent fixture. Consider an eye-popping new color for the season? Go bold with red, gold, blue, or even an evergreen color. It is amazing what a gallon of paint can do for an entrance. If your door is shabby and dated, consider updating it to a new energy-efficient door professionally installed by a High Quality Contracting, Inc. expert. 

Elegant Clean Lines - A Timeless Entrance

Elegant Clean Lines – A Timeless Entrance


Go Clean-

Clean and fresh lines add a bright and elegant feel to any front entry. It is never dated and always an elegant touch to a home.
Consider simple pieces of decor with a neutral palette and chic minimalist style. The decor in this photo is very stylish and yet so simple. What is more elegant than a clean white lantern with a mock candle in it?  The lights are a simple, clear color that highlights the evergreen trees lining the entryway. This remarkable entryway can easily be maintained in the coldest of weather and still look remarkably fashionable throughout the winter months.

Traditional Holiday Decor

Traditional Holiday Decor

Timeless Traditional Entrance

I cringe when I drive past the houses that are full of overkill of blow-up Santas, random cartoon characters, and dated old trendy decorations. Some pieces are timeless and traditional that reflect a sense of class and elegance, and others not so much. This beautiful home features the eternal evergreen wreaths and traditional light colors. The holly and bright red bows make the whole scene pop with a bit of color standing out against the brick. This type of entrance decor can make any home inviting and give that ” Old Holiday” feel to the neighborhood. A true classic entrance.


Decorate your entry for the holidays, no matter what your choice of an entrance, the most crucial aspect is that it is representative of who you and your family are. Even the busiest of homes deserve to give their best foot forward with an entrance that stands out. It is the first reflection of your home that people will see, and just like with any appearance, the first impression counts.

2020 Tile Flooring Trends

2020 Tile Flooring Trends

Spanish Tiles on Stairs

Spanish Tiles on Stairs

Two thousand twenty flooring trends begin with setting the tone or feel of your home. Homeowners are using flooring options like never before, with extremes in light and dark as well as textures, tile flooring now has an abundance of unique possibilities.

Color choices are phenomenal. Whitewashed wood-look tile floor, a wide variety of greys, fabric look tiles, and natural stone tiles are just a few of the styles.

So what are some of the most popular options this year? We have all the great options to show you.

Wood Look Tiles

Because of inkjet technology, tiles that are designed with wood-look are very realistic. Wood-look tiles come in a plethora of colors and shades of grey, brown, beige, taupe, black, and ivory. These tiles are built to last with their textured, warm, and cozy options. The tiles create an inviting feel to any home, one of charm, and simple elegance. 

* An excellent upgrade idea is to have a floor heating system laid benight the tiles for those cold Wisconsin mornings.


Fabric Look Tiles

Yes, you are reading that correctly, fabric look tiles are all the rage this season. Fabulous colors, styles, and textures are mixed to create the perfect tiles for your home. Go bold or go subtle. It is your choice with these great tiles from Wall and Tile.  These retro fabric look tiles can be used on walls or floors and make a statement. Patterns such as crosshatch, linen, and canvas bring a touch of the unique to your space. 


Natural Stone Tiles

The popularity of natural stone look tiles is not dying down any time soon. This classic and beautiful tile choice is a favorite to homeowners for many reasons. Most tiles are effortless to keep clean and are beautiful. They range from marble to flagstone; the sky is the limit when it comes to the choices homeowners have. Prices on these tiles vary in range from low to high depending on the thickness, type, color, texture, and brand of flooring. They are popular not only around jetted tubs and fireplaces but kitchens and great rooms as well.

 Spanish or Italian Tiles

This is one of our favorite flooring options because the tiles are so creative and beautiful. Spanish and Italian tiles come in a wide range of inviting colors and patterns. Old-world architecture and design are the foundation of these fantastic tiles that turn a room from drab to fab in an instant.  

These tiles can be used for the entire project or as a creative touch to an already installed floor. Consider a front entry all in beautiful Italian tiles or placing Spanish tiles as focal points in the kitchen. 

Easy to maintain and sturdy, these tiles are sure to please anyone with distinctive tastes. 


Classic Tiles

If you are looking for durable and trend-proof ideas for your flooring, consider one of the many different classic tile styles. Style surfaces such as vinyl stone, ceramic, or sheet vinyl work incredibly well for kitchens and baths. They are water-resistant, for the most part, easy to clean and take very little care. They are durable to children playing and pets walking around on them. 


Colors Unlimited

Tiles now come in unlimited colors, styles, and patterns. Designing your home with a rustic, modern, or classic feel is no longer a problem with all of the choices on the market. If anything, you may be overwhelmed with all the options you do have. High Quality Contracting, Inc. recommends that before you determine what type of tile you are going to use for the project that you speak with one of our flooring specialists. An HQC, Inc flooring specialist can help you navigate through your choices and help you find the tile that meets both your style preference but usage and durability requirements as well.