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With Covid on the rise again, more people are opting to work out of their homes and finding it increasingly difficult. Many homeowners do not have a spare room to create a home office; if they do, most are inadequate. So, what is the solution? Remodeling, of course! 

A home office can add value to your home and allow you to get work done anytime or at night. Here are six tips to help you plan your new office. 

Location, Location, Location

Before building their home office, any homeowner needs to consider the location. It would be best to consider a place not central to the family. This way, you are not constantly disturbed. We recommend a basement, spare room, or even a building to the house. We have had clients who turn their garages into home offices as well. This can be an advantageous option. 


Now that you have decided on the space, you need to soundproof your area as much as possible. Consider having extra insulation added to the room to help with sound. If you need a lot of soundproofing, many options are available on the market, including Owens Corning 703, which boasts two-inch soundproofing panels. 

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry and shelving can be a game-changer for a home office. An office with the right design can go from just okay to your dream office. Cabinets can have hidden compartments, unique dividers to fit products or materials, and store office equipment. Fusion tracking wall systems can help keep your office arranged neatly. 


Lighting is a productivity game-changer. Poor office lighting can produce eyestrain and headaches and impair your ability to work effectively. What’s more, insufficient lighting can reduce your energy and even increase depression. Make the most of any room by installing energy-efficient and natural lighting options. 

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Installing floor-to-ceiling windows in a home office can take your space to a new level of wonder. Large windows are optimum for those more productive in open areas or who feel more creative with the natural light.  

Built-in Furniture

Built-in furniture such as benches, bookshelves, and desks can help keep the office organized and spacious. Homeowners can customize them to hold documents, products, manuals, or supplies. Also, consider “hidden” spaces for precious and vital items. 

Building a home office has a multitude of benefits. It adds incredible value to your home, especially with the increased demand for at-home work. Consider adding a home office and contact High Quality Contracting, Inc to schedule a custom consultation.