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What is better than a new deck? A uniquely designed wrap-around porch! A beautiful wrap-around porch will turn your house into a home with its charm and extra living space. High Quality Contracting, Inc specializes in building homes with character. Our wrap-around porch designs blend your need for comfort and your love of the outdoors into a remarkable living space. Our home design experts put together a list of pros and cons for those considering adding a wrap-around porch to their home’s exterior. 


  • Increased Access 

A wrap-around porch allows additional access points to be built to your home, increasing the flow between indoors and out. 

  • Increased Outdoor Living Space

A wrap-around porch can feel like a living room outside. You can make this outdoor living space your home’s comfort oasis. 

  • Weather Protection

Overhead protection from the elements while enjoying the outdoors. Enclosing a wrap-around porch protects you from rain, wind, cold, and bugs. 

  • Improved Views

The fantastic views are among the most significant benefits of adding a wrap-around porch. Visitors can see a scenic view of your outdoor space while enjoying a cozy beverage on your wrap-around porch. 

  • Outdoor Gatherings

Probably the best part of building a wrap-around patio is the ability to host family and friends in a cozy, scenic place at your home. Guests can seamlessly mingle as they flow from one portion of your home to the next. 


  • Require Time and Attention 

If you are someone who does not like to decorate, you will not like the upkeep of a wrap-around porch. You will want to make the new porch the focal point of your home with added decor and furniture. Decorating will come at a cost if you hire a professional to help you. Otherwise, most homeowners can do it themselves. 

  • Require Additional Outdoor Space

A new wrap-around porch does require more space than a simple deck. You need an area that goes around portions of your home that follows your local code ordinances. Our building team can help in this area. 

  • Added Expense to Build

A new wrap-around porch does come at a cost for materials, permits, and labor. However, most banks do offer excellent home equity loan rates, and the addition will add value to your home’s bottom line. 

If you are thinking of building a deck, consider making that deck into a wrap-around porch for the best use of your outdoor living space. Our team of experts can assist you every step of the way. From choosing materials and styles to obtaining permits, we do our best to make your construction experience the best possible. 

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